Alland Byallo


Alland Byallo Alland Byallo is one of the busiest men in the San Francisco techno community. Having produced electronic music for over 10 years and DJing for nearly as long, Alland has come to be an international talent.

He has released music on respected US and European record labels such as Liebe*Detail, Floppy Funk, Dirtybird, and Utensil Recordings, as well as headlining events the world over. His music, a blend of old and new elements of techno, house and minimal, is regularly charted and has been licensed to CD's released by Universal and Proton Music.

Alland's involvement with music didn't start from splurging and buying some 1200's. Having been raised with music beginning with the piano at age 5, then adding the trumpet at age 11, it only seemed natural for Alland to follow up his skills and training by sharing his taste in quality music with others as a DJ, and pursuing production. Alland is always busy working on his unique take on electronic dance music for his own Nightlight Music and many other labels.

Claude VonStroke


ClaudeVonStroke Claude VonStroke AKA Barclay Crenshaw, is the owner of San Francisco's quirky tech-funk label, Dirtybird.

The label consists of Crenshaw (VonStroke) and fellow producers Justin Martin, Christian Martin, Worthy and a diverse assortment of top remixers from around the globe such as John Tejada, Audion, Diplo, 3 Channels, Dj Assault, and Kevin Saunderson.

Claude Von Stroke's first appeared on Utensil in 2006 with a thumping remix of Jay Tripwire's Masterbeater (016). This was followed up later that year with another stellar remix of San Francisco DJ & producer Galen's "Playing Games" (018).



data Kid Hailing from the southern most tip of Africa, Datakid (aka Troydon) has been extensively involved in the music industry more than a decade.

He has worked along side the likes of Matthew Herbert, Charles Webster, Kaskade, Mark Farina and Jimpster to name but a few.

Currently residing in Brooklyn, NYC, Troydon's Datakid moniker is giving him the freedom to explore the techier side of his production skills which is showcased brilliantly with his "We Run Tings" remix (024).

JT Donaldson


JT Donaldson JT Donaldson has been producing since the birth of Dallas' Fairpark Records in 1997. He has produced deep, soulful house music for labels such as Cajual, Utensil Recordings, Cyclo, Distance and Seasons, to name a few. He has worked with such artists as Lance DeSardi, CPEN, Tim Shumaker of Home and Garden, Sandy Rivera of K.O.T., Chris Nazuka, Lo Soul, The Freaks, and house legend Chez Damier.

After recording an album for Seasons in Los Angeles, he moved to the left coast where he worked with Lance DeSardi and Chris Penny aka CPENN. Currently he resides in Chicago where he has started his new record label with co-owner Tim Shumaker called, Gallery Music Group.

JT is one of Utensil's main artists with four releases including the now classic acid house giant "Puffin Stuff"(009).



galen Galen is an artist of continual evolvement. Having previously collaborated with Astral Matrix (as Bent Halos), Tony Senghore (as Dual Action), and Omar (as G*O), he recently partnered with rising star Claude VonStroke of Dirtybird Records, and has taken to the studio to create music of his own. In the Fall of 2006, Galen released his debut solo EP, 'Playing Games' on Utensil Recordings, with remixes by Claude VonStroke and Rob Mello.

Despite his formidable accomplishments as a musician and promoter, Galen is not content to leave it at that. In January of 2006, he became co-owner of the Lower Haight's legendary Tweekin Records alongside partners M3 and Anthony Mansfield of Green Gorilla Lounge and Hector Works.

Rarely is such dedication and professionalism seen in conjunction with truly remarkable talent. Galen has fused San Francisco into a community and a sound that IS the heartbeat of the Bay.

Wolfgang Gartner


Wolfang Gartner Many scholars, theologians, philosophers, and skeptics have set out to construct writings about Wolfgang Gartner, albeit with varying motivations. Simply put, he is one of pop music's great survivors. Wolfgang is not blessed with movie star looks and a chiseled six-pack (a decidedly unchiseled 12- or 18-pack would be more like it) - his appeal and talents lie in other areas.

Wolfgang Gartner first set out to make his mark in the music business in the early 1980s, when he went to work as a sideman on the disco circuit, honing his craft but making little or no money. He eventually got restless being a sideman and moved to New York City hoping to get a break. In the mid 1980s, while still working his way up, Wolfgang voiced commercial jingles (Sticky Fingers BBQ, Slick's Auto Parts) and provided backup vocals on tour and in session work for various bands including The Terrible Tahitians, Ogo Bogo, Sprockets, and The Ferocious Five. After performing with a short-lived singing group called Yazzle Dazzle, Wolfgang returned to the background and took part in various projects behind the scenes.

Throughout the late eighties and into the next decade Wolfgang continued to pursue his musical interests, this time diving into the newly emerging Gangsta Rap sound of the West Coast. His most successful solo project, MC Wolf & the Gang, attracted a cult following of listeners that spread from the West Coast to the South. His uncanny rhyme delivery set him apart from the mainstream, as he coined his own style of street-speak and unusual phrasing. Moreover, his longevity and sincerity earned him many alliances, first among his West Coast colleagues, then with Straight Thuggin Records and numerous Dirty South camps. In 1999, disputes between Gartner and Straight Thuggin led them to part ways, but not before Gartner's reputation had been tarnished by bad press. Perhaps sensing his career was in jeopardy, Wolfgang began to revamp his public image, moving away from his gangsta roots toward a more wholesome aesthetic. He also began making gestures toward the dance community, releasing a handful of speed garage records under various guises.

Almost three decades since his first foray into the business, Wolfgang is turning out some of the finest tracks of his career. His "Shapes EP" on Om Records marks the beginning of a new era and sound. Though it's impossible to predict what Wolfgang will do next, one thing is certain: he is sure to leave his own anomalous creative style and imprint wherever he lands.

Christian Martin


Christian Martin Christian has arrived as one of the top producers / DJ's from the bay area.

Also a Dirtybird, he has two releases within the Utensil family: the Monorail remix of Justin Martin's "Ghetto Train" (021) and the hard to find "Hoes" re-edit on Cadang.

Look out for more tracks on Utensil from Christian soon.

Justin Martin


Justin Martin San Francisco and Dirtybird fame Justin Martin first appeared on Utensil in the spring of 2004 with the acclaimed Snow Day Single.

Justin has been a Utensil main-stay ever since helping to define the label's sound.

With five other releases on Utensil as well as another four releases on Utensil's white label, Cadang Records, he never disappoints.



oliver$ As assistant engineer to Jesse Rose, Oliver$ has been producing records and remixes that are being played by the likes of Luciano, Switch, Claude Vonstroke and Gary Glitter.

Oliver $ continues working closely with Jesse Rose and producing records and remixes that are being played by the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Derrick Carter and Switch. 2008 started with a bang for oliver as Hotflash was released on made to play in January and has been a massive hit. His remixes for Swag, Idiotproof (aka Jamie Anderson and Deepgroove) and Jacob London have caused devastation all over and his remix of Grovesnors Drive Your Car, forthcoming on Grecoroman, got the biggest reaction in Jesse Roses set to 20,000 people on new years day 2008 in Sydney, Australia.

As well as having a busy studio schedule Oliver $ is also playing both live and DJs sets at some of the best clubs the world over. Over the next few months he will be playing at The Egg in London, Vega in Copenhagen, Rumble in Sweden, Club Stalker in Holland and Panoramabar in Berlin where he holds his residency at the monthly Made to Play night.

Oliver$ made his debut on Utensil in 2007 remixing Justin Martin's "Ghetto Train remixes" (021) helping to round off this package proper.

Rob Mello


Rob Mello London based DJ and Producer Rob Mello has recorded, produced, and remixed a diverse catalogue of releases since 1992. Previously, Rob was responsible for the pioneering disco house duo "Disco Elements", signed to Azuli Records. He was co-founder of the saucy house label Luxury Service and produced the first Black Science Orchestra single with Ashley Beadle, "Where Were You", released on the legendary London house label, Boys Own.

Rob has also ventured into film score work. In 1999 Rob, alongside Matthew Herbert, wrote the incidental music on the UK club culture movie, 'Human Traffic' for which they were nominated a BAFTA.

More recently (Summer 2006) Rob started his own Record label, "Disco 45". This label features Rob's own productions as well as collaborations with other artists that he holds the highest respect for. Expect releases from Robert Owens, Lil Mark, Matthew Herbert, Radio Slave, The Freaks, Sensory Productions, Matthew Styles and many more. Check out Rob's amazing production skills on the "No Ears" remix on Galen's "Playing Games" EP (019).



Sammy D Born and raised in Alaska, Samuel was adopted by Nannook Eskimo's and taught the way of the tundra. As a small child he spent his days building snow forts and fishing for king salmon on the Russian River just north of Alaska. Samuel grew up in the christian non-denominational cult known as Gospel Outreach. He was allowed to listen only to christian music. His early influences were Sandi Patti, The Imperials, Chuck Gerrard, Leon Patillo, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith and Stryper.

Fast forward to 1992 and eat a grip of acid and you have the birth of a new man a changed human. Forgotten was the way of the christian slow jamz and birthed a new a sound, a rave sound. While tripping on acid (paper) Samuel heard Rave Legend Markum X playing music that he thought was delivered by alien ships to a parking garage in downtown Portland, Or. He describes this music more in depth in his auto biography simply titled "Peaking". Through out the 90's Samuel raved all up and down the west coast replacing his christian inspiration with the likes of Ritchie Hawtin, Doc Martin, Donald Glaude, DJ Dan, and Bad Boy Bill. Samuel became a dancer a groover a hauser. He specialized in liquid grooving and west coast stomping. One night on a mid-night drive from Portland to LA, to attend a famous desert rave in the summer of 1996, Samuel heard a new style of rave music called jungle aka drum&bass. This new sound captivated his mind and soon became the dictator of his every waking moment. Samuel had completed the transition from evangelist to junglist.

For the next five years Samuel, now known as (NORTHERNMAN), immersed himself in the world of drum n bass being guided by producers such as Photek, LTJ Bukem, Blame, Hidden Agenda, Adam F, J Magic, and the entire Full Cycle crew (Size,Die,Krust and Suv). In the fall of 1999 before Y2K hit NorthernMan moved to his present day location called San Francisco. His first year brought many hardships thanks to an unusually cold winter backed by an allergic reaction to fog. Long story short Sammy D is a fucking tight dj who plays hot music that people dance to. He is on a bunch of labels and you should book him. You can download his mixes "Fingerbang" and "Mind Kontrol" right now and determine if he is good enough to play your venue.

Style of Eye


Style of Eye Linus Eklow AKA Style Of Eye, started out working in the studio in the late 90's and began to develop his unique style of music with releases and remixes on such prolific labels as Classic Recordings, Tiny Sticks and Rabid Records. More recently he has released tracks on Utensil Recordings, Dirtybird and John Dahlback's Pickadoll label.

Linus' grasp of electronic music breaches stereotypical thinking as evidenced by the various labels he has released on. Linus melts down electrish bleeps, hysteric synthezisers, raw percussions, minimalism, big mouthed basses and soulful chords in order to create the club destroying monsters. His releases are being played by such well-known names as Sven Vath, John Dahlback, Claude VonStroke, Tiga, Laurent Garnier, and M.A.N.D.Y amongst many others.

Style Of Eye contributed greatly to the success of Worthy's debut Utensil release "Bird Of Prey" (022) with a fierce rework.

Tanner Ross


Tanner Ross One of the latest additions to the dirtybird roster of producers is New Jersey native Tanner Ross. Ross currently resides in Boston where he attends Berklee College of Music. There he studies music synthesis, designing sound for things like Splinter Cell 4. When not doing homework or making tracks, Tanner can usually be found behind the decks in Boston clubs.

Tanner's tracks stretch across genres and defy definition. Like most of the dirtybird posse, he just knows how to make it bounce. "When I moved to Boston," he says, "I saw Fred Everything at a proper house night and it sort of changed the way I think about things."

Tanner's first contribution to the Utensil discography was in 2006 on JT Donaldson's "Take U Back" EP (017) and it surely won't be his last.

Timmy Stewart


Timmy Stewart Belfast dj/producer Timmy Stewart is one half of production teams The Jet Project and Bubba and T-bone, currently recording for labels including Darkroom Dubs, and Leftroom.

Timmy has been spinning now for over 10 years. He has held residencies at David Holmes's Shake Ya Brain and Tora Tora Tora as well as his own Digital Boogie and Tsunami events. Currently, Timmy is one of the resident djs at Belfast's Stiff Kitten club.

We're happy to have Timmy onboard at Utensil. Check out his stellar remix work on Yankee Zulu's "We Run Tings" (024).



Worthy Currently residing in San Francisco, DJ Worthy grew up around Washington DC in the early days of Deep Dish, Scott Henry and the early American rave scene. In the late 90's after moving to New York City, Worthy met his good friend Justin Martin and was exposed to the sounds of people like LTJ Bukem, Stacey Pullen, and Sasha. All of these influences made an impression on this young producer as he began to play records of all genres from hip hop to breaks to techno and drum n bass.

In 2001 Worthy set up his studio in San Francisco and began producing house music. He began DJing around the city at clubs such as The Top, Lit, and Anu. Claude VonStroke noticed some of Worthy's tracks and asked him to be a resident DJ at their huge monthly summer event in Golden Gate Park. Worthy has played along side other great DJs such as Jesse Rose, JT Donaldson, Lance Desardi, and Luke Solomon. In 2006 Worthy started his own label called KataBatic Records to give him a way to release his own music. Katabatic Records has been releasing a steady stream of quality tech house and has gaining praises for its edgy music.

2007 is looking to be a break out year for Worthy with two releases coming out on dirtybird including a remix of Claude VonStroke's "The Whistler" and an ep on Matt Tolfrey's label Leftroom Limited. Along with new releases on his label Katabatic Records with remixes from Alland Byallo and Christian Martin. If you have not heard of Worthy then you will soon know that he is worthy.

Bio/Photo courtesy of Dirtybird Records

Yankee Zulu


yankee zulu Yankee Zulu is the monkier of Belfast based dj and producer John McIver.

He is an official Shine and Stiff Kitten resident playing alongside the likes of Damian Lazarus, Andrew Weatherall, Freeform Five, Paul Woolford, Agoria, Green Velvet and many more.

John joined the Utensil family in 2007 with a remix of Worthy's "Bird of Prey" as well as his "We Run Tings!" single. Just released John's "Slipped Disc" remix of Timmy Stewart's Hearing Aid. He also shines with amazing productions on San Francisco's KataBatic Records.