Timmy Stewart's "Hearing Aid" out now


Belfast Ireland's Timmy Steward releases his debut single (025) on Utensil next week. Exclusive pre-release on We have been holding on to this one and finally the time is right to bring it to the world. This three tracker runs the gamet from the solid house music styling of the original mix followed up by a storming, glitchy tech-house version by friend and sometimes production partner, Yankee Zulu. Check out Yankee Zulu's last release "We Run Tings!" on Utensil (024) . Rounding out the single, Oakland CA's funky house legend Hector Moralez.

Alland Byallo's "Poached Pair" EP out now Beatport


A Los Angeles native now based in San Francisco, Alland Byallo has made a name for himself in the bay area's thriving techno scene both as a DJ and a producer. As anyone who's been to one of his infamous Kontrol events can tell you, San Francisco is at the forefront of the world wide Techno resurgence. Alland's "Poached Pair" EP (027), his second release on Utensil, showcases the deeper side of his production pallet. Each track is a journey through successive layers of expressive, fluid textures that satisfy all the right spots. Be on the look out for the exclusive pre-release on beatport September 2nd.

Wolfgang Gartner's "Emergency" out now


Just released, the 'Emergency' single (026) from Wolfgang Gartner. Mr. Gartner has moved quickly to the front of the pack as one the hottest tech_house/electro producers to emerge in the last 9 months. His work is always at the top of the Beatport charts ensuring him a steady stream of remix projects. Notable highlights: the "Hot For Teacher" EP on Kindergarten Records which came out in March '08 and his "Shapes EP" on Om Records. Head to for a listen.

Utensil on Napster


Southern California's digital retailer Napster has announced that they will be increasing their musical reach to include more underground electronic artist and labels. Closely following iTunes and beatport, Napster is one of the biggest download sites on the web with tracks ranging from Jay-Z to Matthew Dear. You will be able to get our full catalog downloaded to you mobil phone or PC early this summer.

Utensil Recordings on whatpeopleplay


Our full catalog is now available digitally on Carrying the best releases in techno and tech-house, WPP is the digital wing of Word and Sound Distribution. Based in Hamburg, Germany, their site features a high fidelity, easy to use, fast loading player that always works. Utensil will be featuring upcoming releases on WPP exclusively, so stay tuned.